Memento Design Pattern

Memento Pattern

This PDF was submitted to BITS PILANI Work Integrated Learning Program 2019 Object Oriented Analysis and Design (S2_18_SSZG514) for the final assignment.


Mekedatu via Sangam – a biker’s tale

[whohit]mekedatu-via-sangam-a-bikers-tale[/whohit] “Where the hell are you man?” My brain tears itself apart fighting between will to know and compulsion to sleep. “Who is this?”, I buy some time. “Abe, don’t waste time and get the hell up here.” Now I recognize it is Sukhi from Confidare...

Rise of feminism

False dichotomy of generation degradation

A lot of people say, 2nd generation of feminists had genuine concerns, 3rd generation of feminists are all about victimhood. Make no mistake – it is because your mother was a feminist but you wouldn’t dare believe she would agree to the current feminism. Not...

Anti Hindi

Anti Hindi

Personally, I believe that all states should be declared a nation and India should simply dissolve. I think we all deserve it. As far as language is concerned, I am not a Hindi proponent, but I don’t think there is any Hindi imperialism. In this...

Barter by Ancient Egyptian

Utopia won’t happen, forget it

The utopia won’t happen, here is a thought experiment to prove it: Imagine two men – A and B. Now imagine A has $100 and B has $0. This is to model economic inequality. Now imagine B asks A for half of his money ($50). This...

Mundaka Upanishad

Satyamev Jayate, really?

Many people have trouble reading what I post or share. Most people are living a life of lie and can’t see the possibility of being exposed. Hence exposure becomes a noble cause in itself. A cause that brings a lot of unwanted attention of unscrupulous...

Newspaper cutting

The Day – Mar 20, 1978 – When Colonel Sanders won his empire

On 1978-03-20, Colonel Sanders – the guy whose recipe founded the multinational multibillion-dollar empire of chicken – won his rights to criticize those who changed that recipe. Chicken suit vs. Col. Sanders thrown out To quote, My God, that gravy is horrible, they buy tap...

Ettina Bhuja peak

Ettina Bhuja – The planning

Ettina Bhuja is a peak in Karnataka that is well suited for a 2-day trek. It is close to 300 km from Bangalore and hardly an overnight journey away. [put_wpgm id=1] Rohan, which not only means ascend but also happens to be the name of...