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Factory pattern 0

Generic Factory in C++

A generic factory is a factory that can register any class type. It is very easy to write because we are allowed to use void pointers.


As we are simply casting a void pointer, it is left to the developer to ensure...


Maximum Subarray

Problem statement: Find the largest sum that is possible in an array. I.e., find the maximum sub-array. Solution: From the very first this problem looks complicated because of how it is framed. It sounds like we want to find the MAXIMUM from ALL THE POSSIBLE...

C++Traits 0

C++ Traits

‘C++ Traits’ is an idiom that allows a great level of abstraction at compile time which is normally possible only by a combination of inheritance and composition. It allows an algorithm to change its behavior depending on the object’s traits, i.e., functions and member variables...

log4cxx 0

Installing log4cxx on MSYS2/Mingw-w64

In my previous post, I gave the rather simple steps to install MSYS2/Mingw-w64. Now I will tell you how to install a custom library, specifically log4cxx. Before starting, lets acknowledge that there are other libraries that might fit your logging needs. The installation steps will...

VSTO installed in VS 2013 Community Edition 0

VSTO for Visual Studio 2013 (works with Community Edition also)

There are two ways to get Microsoft Office Developer Tools/VSTO for Visual Studio 2013: Download Visual Studio Tools for Office that works with Visual Studio 2013. As of today, file to be downloaded is “cba_bundle.exe“. Download Web Platform Installer (WebPI). File name is “wpilauncher.exe“. This is basically a...