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Seafile on FreeBSD 0

Seafile 9.x on FreeBSD with MariaDB behind Nginx reverse proxy and storage on separate disk

I will keep this short and simple: Install MariaDB (client and server)

Install seafile and seahub – you CANNOT do it via pkg because it depends on MySQL, which will conflict...

Multiple scales 0

Scalability for Dummies – All Parts

Hello Everyone, This is a mirror of the scalability series from onwards. There were 4 parts and they have been accessed from Internet Archive and presented below as is. Table of...

Factory pattern 0

Generic Factory in C++

A generic factory is a factory that can register any class type. It is very easy to write because we are allowed to use void pointers.


As we are...


Maximum Subarray

Problem statement: Find the largest sum that is possible in an array. I.e., find the maximum sub-array. Solution: From the very first this problem looks complicated because of how it is framed....

Memento Design Pattern 0

Memento Pattern

This PDF was submitted to BITS PILANI Work Integrated Learning Program 2019 Object Oriented Analysis and Design (S2_18_SSZG514) for the final assignment.

Overview of C++Traits idiom 0

C++ Traits

‘C++ Traits’ is an idiom that allows a great level of abstraction at compile time which is normally possible only by a combination of inheritance and composition. It allows an algorithm to...