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Installing log4cxx on MSYS2/Mingw-w64

[whohit]installing-log4cxx-on-msys2mingw-w64[/whohit] In my previous post, I gave the rather simple steps to install MSYS2/Mingw-w64. Now I will tell you how to install a custom library, specifically log4cxx. Before starting, lets acknowledge that there are other libraries that might fit your logging needs. The installation steps will be similar, though here...


Getting GNU compilers on Windows (MSYS2/MinGW-x64/boost/Windows 10)

[whohit]getting-gnu-compilers-on-windows-msys2mingw-x64boostwindows-10[/whohit] Okay… first of all… There are multiple packages and tutorials available for getting one or the other working on Windows 10. This tutorial here teaches how to create a comfortable maintainable compiler environment that can be used for a long time. If you want to skip to the actual...