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CLion 0

JetBrains CLion

[whohit]jetbrains-clion[/whohit] After a million years of trying out different IDEs, that I could use seamlessly on different machines with different operating systems, it seems I have finally found the right thing. To keep the record, here is a list of all the softwares I tried: vim – Had to be...

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Anti Hindi

[whohit]anti-hindi[/whohit] Personally I am of the opinion that all states should be declared a nation and India should simply dissolve. I think we all deserve it. As far as language is concerned, I am not a Hindi proponent, but I don’t think there is any Hindi imperialism. In this country...

Male Chauvinism, Masculinity and Logic 0

Male Chauvinism, Masculinity and Logic

I have encountered following traits as socially being interchangeable: Male Chauvinism Masculinity Logic If you don’t follow this list, try reading it from below. Examples: Men are logical while women are not. Men don’t cry. Women are emotional. Girls are’t good at Maths. I mean to say, it is fairly...