Author: Anupam Srivastava

Seafile on FreeBSD 0

Seafile 9.x on FreeBSD with MariaDB behind Nginx reverse proxy and storage on separate disk

I will keep this short and simple: Install MariaDB (client and server)

Install seafile and seahub – you CANNOT do it via pkg because it depends on MySQL, which will conflict...

Multiple scales 0

Scalability for Dummies – All Parts

Hello Everyone, This is a mirror of the scalability series from onwards. There were 4 parts and they have been accessed from Internet Archive and presented below as is. Table of...

Kantara 0


Kantara is getting a lot of well deserved praise. It is rare that movies with such good writing get made in India. In that, I wanted to note down some points: The...

Monolith vs Microservices 0

Monolith vs Microservices

Let me start with an example. Imagine if we wanted to pick a machine among a list of machines that is best suited to run a CPU-heavy process. It is actually a...

A whale representing docker hitting a boat with wheel representing kubernetes 0

What is Docker or containerization?

The Beginning Imagine you are an average guy who is interested in coding and building something great that solves someone’s problems. Imagine you are not really writing an interactive desktop program, but...

Factory pattern 0

Generic Factory in C++

A generic factory is a factory that can register any class type. It is very easy to write because we are allowed to use void pointers.


As we are...