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Anti Hindi

[whohit]anti-hindi[/whohit] Personally I am of the opinion that all states should be declared a nation and India should simply dissolve. I think we all deserve it. As far as language is concerned, I am not a Hindi proponent, but I don’t think there is any Hindi imperialism. In this country...

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Satyamev Jayate, really?

[whohit]satyamev-jayate-really[/whohit] Many people have trouble reading what I post or share. Most people are living a life of lie and can’t see a possibility of being exposed. Hence exposure becomes a noble cause in itself. A cause that brings a lot of unwanted attention of unscrupulous elements of the society,...

What is the problem? 0

What is the problem?

Here is a sample conversion from my Facebook feed: Hindu friend 1: Be wise…vote BJP. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/27-communal-riots-in-up-since-sp-formed-govt-cm-admits-in-house/1083234/ (The secular SP government has overseen more riots in last 2 years than the communal BJP in Gujarat which saw only 1 riot in last 10 years) Muslim friend: solution of communal riot is...