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Mirror's Edge Catalyst 0

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review – from a Mirror’s Edge fan

[whohit]mirrors-edge-catalyst-review-from-a-mirrors-edge-fan[/whohit] I have gone through many reviews and the best match of what I feel is also the first Google search result: IGN While I have played original Mirror’s Edge multiple times and enjoyed it every time, Catalyst fails in several places to capture the thrill of the original: 1....

Do Ankhen Barah Haath – 1958 Film 0

Do Ankhen Barah Haath – 1958 Film

The movie is good. Without a doubt. But a little too Christian for my taste. For starters, the protagonist is called Adinath, meaning ‘Lord of the beginning’. This is not a Hindu concept, and I have never heard it used by anyone to refer to (any) God. It is used...