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Marketing and Technology 0

Marketing and Technology

So I had a chat with my boss. After a massive fuck-up, where I refused to deal with constant belittling from a DTL (Domain Tech Lead in PayPal) and then started working from home instead, I was contacted by managers and architects to ask me ‘what is going on?’. After...



Just updated fvwm_patches project on github, so all the patches apply on latest FVWM cvs snapshot. This has sent me back to those times when I was amply free and was full of enthusiasm. Let me tell you a story… Those were the times when I thought installing Gentoo was...

Sorting for humans 0

Sorting for humans

If you are anything like me, you have at least once in your life tried to sort all the cards in a deck. Which sorting algorithm did you use? Well, humans generally use Insertion sort without even thinking. But the interesting part is that insertion sort actually works really really...